Kitchen Countertops
Whether you want to enhance your entire
kitchen using concrete countertops or
just add an accent piece. Your choices
are endless! Every design we create is a
one of a kind piece. Some of the endless
options to consider are: Integrated drain
boards, cutting boards, soap dishes,
choice of color and your choice of
aggregate or blended stone.  Don't
forget, placement of art, fossils, trivets,
geodes etc.
Our integrated drain board design provides
style and functionality. Something simple
like a   built-in drainboard is completely
customizable. With your choice of inserts
ranging from stainless steel, marble or any
other option you prefer.
< This white Island top is one piece! The
concrete counter was selected to
compliment coral stone used in this space
along with the contrast to the very custom
smoked bamboo cabinets. Melbourne, Fl
With 32 basic colors to choose from along
with ability to blend color, coupled with
unlimited surface aggregates, you'll quickly
see why every counter-top we create is as
individual as the owner themselves. These
next 2 tops here have been acid stained.
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Concrete Kitchen Countertops
Concrete counters might not seem like a luxury choice, until you see one. They are made from
special concrete that is mixed with pigments and poured into molds. The top surface is then
evened out, or screeded, and troweled smooth. After the concrete hardens for several days, it
becomes extremely strong and can cut down to expose special aggregates and artwork. Next
waxing, is essential to prevent staining.
Learn everything
you need to know
about kitchen
Contact us for your  "One Of A Kind" custom
concrete countertop consultations.  
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At "Designer Concrete
Counters LLC FL." we
specialize in custom
Countertop creations.
Along with all facets of
Decorative Concrete
Coatings, Flooring
Overlays, Concrete
stamping, Acid
Staining, Epoxy Floors
Fireplace Surrounds,
Driveways, Patio
Furniture and more.
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