Concrete Countertops &
Decorative Concrete Products
We build concrete kitchen counters, bathroom vanities along with fireplace surrounds and outdoor
kitchens and all other facets of decorative concrete. There are few limitations to concrete, primarily
just imagination. Although we take every step possible to assure the product you order will be the
product you get. You'll need to keep one thing in mind, every piece we create is custom and one of a
kind, there are always subtle differences in the artisan qualities of your finished project.
Concrete has substance and
mass, permanence and warmth.
It feels earthy, and is at home in
both traditional and modern
settings. It assumes forms that
irrevocably touch our daily
lives-on bridges, highways,
floors, walls... even countertops.
Concrete is also surprisingly
tactile. Cast and shaped, it can
feel like stone rounded by the
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At "Designer Concrete
Counters LLC FL." we
specialize in custom
one of a kind Concrete
Along with all facets of
Decorative Concrete
Coatings, Flooring
Overlays, Concrete
stamping, Acid
Staining, Epoxy Floors
Fireplace Surrounds,
Driveways, Patio
Furniture and more.
Custom integrated sinks
Bathroom Vanities
The custom craftsmanship of
concrete vanity tops ensures
there is a vanity top for every  
base cabinet. If concrete is what
you have your eye on, look no
further than Designer Concrete.
These fine-quality concrete
vanity tops are crafted in our
special mix design and are  
polished and sealed to you
Outdoor Kitchens
If your looking to create an entire outdoor
kitchen or just looking at filling in that on of
a kind cooking station. We have the
product for you. We will work with you or
your designers to get the exact feel for
your taste and needs. If you would like to
do most of the work yourself  and could
use little help. Checkout our "
Yourself" program.
Fireplace Surrounds
because it can be such a lovely focal
point if handled properly.  At Designer
Concrete Counters we can help you
transform your fireplace into that warm
eye catching focal point and central
gathering place  it deserves.

Regardless of how large or small your
fireplace is, it deserves a
one of a kind
Designer look.  We will work with you
or your designer to make sure the
perfect  look for your Fireplace is
Decorative Concrete Flooring
Click on the Photo to see more concrete flooring styles
existing concrete into beautiful flooring,
entryways, patios and driveways using
etching and staining methods to create
designs such as tile, marble or flagstone.

Custom designs can range from intricate
patterns to images taken from photos,
including animals or complete scenes.
Decorative Concrete can personalize your
projects with original designs that enhance
your indoor or outdoor decor.
Driveway Stamping Decorative Concrete Coatings
It wasn't long ago when deciding on a driveway
material was easy: asphalt or concrete. Today, the
concrete choice has expanded to include a multitude
of decorative concrete options. Sometimes referred
to as colored cement, or painted concrete, the effects
that can be achieved with decorative applications can
be astounding on a concrete driveway.
Bistro Tables
Concrete bistro tables for home, barbecue
areas, tiki bars, pool deck or any indoor
outdoor entertaining area you desire.  Our
Concrete Tables are not just any old cement
slab but are all one of a kind specialty items
that are created during individual design
sessions for custom products.
Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings
For the garage, the hangar, the
showroom or an office, epoxy floor
coatings by Designer Concrete
Counters LLC  offer a beautiful
addition, very easy maintenance and
high durability. Epoxy coatings can
paint chips embedded in the surface
for a rich appearance.
Designer Concrete Counters of Florida would like to thank the residents of Viera, Melbourne, Palm bay, other
municipalities along the Treasure coast for thier continued support of our decorative concrete systems